More Than Fitness - A Wellness Journey


I think in the past we have covered a lot of topics on this platform from fashion, travel to lifestyle, but fitness and wellness haven’t been one of them (don’t worry I’m not going to bombard you with fitness routines or diet plans); but I am going to share my recent journey and explain a little of what I been up to. Also, this is my personal experience; it doesn’t mean that it will work the same way for you. Always consult your trainer, nutritionist, or/and a wellness doctor.

As I have mentioned before, I been a vegetarian (pescatarian to be more precise) for more than 10 years and a healthy person overall, but since I started to work as a flight attendant —a couple of years ago—I have been indulging in A LOT of yummy foods around the world and haven’t taken my fitness and workouts as serious like before. Everything in life is about balance, something that was missing in my lifestyle. Because of the Pandemic I have been more present at home —haven't worked since October, but fingers crossed I'll go back to flying in May—which allowed me to invest that extra time in myself. 

Started running (and walking) daily in the park back in mid-September —of last year—determined to do more cardio and work on my resistance. Since then I have been fully dedicated and consistent with my exercises. From an hour that took me sometimes to complete a 3-mile run, now it only takes 30-35 minutes to do, something that I’m very proud of. 

Since the new year started I wanted to take my routine to the next level, in January I decided to start taking spinning classes (again)— I used to take these classes when I was in college and, to be honest, I don’t even know why I stopped, because is something I really enjoy.— I alternate between running and cycling four to five times a week now. I have also stepped up from my comfort zone by trying other classes in the afternoons like LITT, Upper Body Workouts, and Pole Fitness. Next on my agenda is toning certain areas of my body and including more weights in my weekly routine. It sounds like a lot of training, but again, everything is about balance. 

Having an itinerary has helped me at managing my time better and be disciplined in achieving my goal. I write down my meals, workouts, and even my “days-off/cheat days.” I do a low-carb diet (lots of protein, vegetables, and salads) five days a week, and the other two days I alternate with “healthy” carbs (oatmeal, sweet potatoes, fruits, quinoa, etc) and a "cheat day" (wine, pizza, french fries, desserts, etc). Even though I have been a vegetarian for a long time since I started training I incorporated more proteins into my meals; besides fish, eggs, and protein substitutes I also included beef (only grass-fed, prime, and well-coked meat) once or twice a month in my meal preps. This decision has taken me by surprise since I have never been a fan of red meats. I was worried my body could go in shock but fortunately, it has been fulfilling so far— but this decision is only temporary—I still don’t enjoy pork, poultry, or cold cuts, and to be honest, I don’t think that will ever change. 

 I drink tons of water a day and take vitamins and supplements every morning with my breakfast. I have been adding collagen to my morning coffee, loving Harmony Proteins Collagen Coffee Creamer and Vital Proteins Unflavored  Collagen Powder. During my morning workouts, I have been drinking Liquid IV Energy Multiplier in lemon-ginger or Ketologic BHB in orange-mango that I mix with water for energy and performance. For protein shakes, I have a couple of favorites, GNC Total Lean Shakes in vanilla bean that works as a meal replacement or Muscle Milk Shake in chocolate as a tasty snack. If I’m making a smoothie I use 1 to 2 scoops of Muscle Milk Protein Powder in vanilla cremé or Sunwarrior Clean Greens Protein in chocolate.

My body has changed so much since I started making these adjustments in my daily life, I feel more active, focus, and stronger than ever. It has only been five months—and yes, I still have a lot to learn—but I'm excited to keep seeing changes in my body—I'll keep you posted with results in the upcoming months. 

If you have any recommendations or if you are in your wellness journey too, share your thought in the comments below, I will love to read them. 

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  1. Wow, you are so disciplined. Great job improving your running time. Happy that this is making you feel great :)

  2. So glad you found a regime that makes you feel good! People often misunderstand exercising and altering their diet by aiming to solely look good, often disregarding something much more important - feeling healthy and good. I'm so happy to see you writing about the topic by emphasizing what really matters - feeling good in your own skin and doing what feels right to your body and mind. <3

    1. Thank you, Jelena! Your comment means the world. There is no better way to seeing it.

      Lots of love.

  3. This is great! I love working out and look forward to it every morning. My only probelm is that I have a sweet tooth! How to you like Pole fitness? I've been wanting to try it out for a while. It looks like a challenge but also really fun!


    1. Hi Tracy, I have a sweet tooth as well. I always sip a little bit of coffee with almond milk or the Muscle Milk Shake in chocolate, it really helps with the cravings.

      Pole Fitness is great, you exercise your muscles, strength, and balance. You should definitely give it a try, so worth it!


  4. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. Fitness and healthy food are so important.

    New Post -

  5. wow you improved heaps on your running time - well done! :)


  6. Writing down meals is a great way to keep track of goals and to stay focused. Thanks for sharing your wellness journey!

  7. Spinning is my fave, too! I have a bike in my bedroom and love to get away for about a half hour or an hour during the work day and get a ride in!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  8. Your wellness goals are awesome! I'd love to incorporate a collagen powder into my routine!



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