5 Travel Must-Haves

When it comes to packing I may not be an expert in the matter. I’m a girl that is always planning ahead, I’m the kind of packer that packs too much, just in case I’ll need it. To be fair, as a flight attendant I have to always be ready for any situation that may happen, like having an unexpected layover in snowy Denver or getting stuck in a rooftop pool in Miami. I have realized that with time I always carry with me some “basics” that have come in handy when traveling.

Cuando se trata de empacar, puede que no sea experta en el asunto. Verás, soy el tipo de chica que siempre está planeando con anticipación y empaco demasiado por si acaso lo necesitaré. Como azafata siempre tengo que estar preparada para cualquier situación que pueda suceder, como quedarme varada en Denver rodeada de nieve o quedarme atrapada en la piscina de una azotea en Miami. Me he dado cuenta que con el tiempo siempre llevo conmigo algunos "básicos" que me han sido útiles cuando viajo.

Packable Puffer Coat

One of the best purchases I have ever made. This coat comes folded in a small pouch that fits perfectly in your luggage or backpack without taking any space. It is warm, lightweight, water-resistant and looks great for any occasion. 

32 Degrees - Ultra-light down long packable jacket (Here)
Via Spiga - Packable Puffer Coat (Here)
Macy’s - Packable Hooded Down Puffer Coat (Here)

Travel Steamer 

I have been in situations where I pack a special garment that cannot be ironed. A travel steamer comes in handy for any wrinkle-free fabric.
Lemontec - Portable Travel Garment Steamer (Here)
Masteam - Steamer for Clothes (Here)
Miss Gorgeous - Travel Garment Steamer (Here)

Collapsible - Foldable Water Bottle

If you like to save money on those over price water bottles at the airport, a collapsible or foldable bottle is a smart choice and also you are being friendly with the environment.

Que Bottle (Here)
Vapur Durable Foldable Water Bottle (Here)
Collapsible Foldable Water Bottle (Here)

 Travel Makeup Case 

My best friend recommended this case for my makeup after she saw that I had all of my products thrown together in one big bag. This makeup case made a huge difference with the adjustable compartments and brush pockets, now all of my skincare and makeup products are organized, visible and easy to reach. 

Rownyeon Makeup Train Case (Here)
Marble Makeup Organizer (Here)
Rosmax Travel Makeup Case (Here)

Compression leggings and tights

I love wearing leggings when traveling, especially on long flights, there comfortable and easy to pack. Compression leggings are a great alternative for the traditional compression socks, great to prevent swelling and soreness in your feet and the appearance of varicose veins in your legs. 

CompressionZ High Waisted Leggings (Here)
Old Navy’s High-Waisted Elevate Compression Leggings (Here)
Reebok Women's Legging (Here)
Starter Women's Therma-Star Brushed Compression Leggings (Here)

What do you think? What other travel must will you recommend?

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  1. The travel steamer is definetly a must!! I always forget about it hahahaha

    Cats in the City

    1. hahaha... that used to happen to me, and now is the first thing I pack.

      Safe travels! xo


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