DIY Boho Flower Headpiece

1-Hot glue gun
2-Plastic headbands (choose the size of your choice)
4-Ribbons (cho0se the color of your preference)
5-Plastic flowers (decoration flowers) 

* You can find and buy all the materials at any home/craft store.*

Begin by separating the flowers from the branch using your scissors.

Once ready, put a dot of glue at the begging of the headband and glued the ribbon.

From that point, begin to spin the ribbon around the headband. Try to cover the entire headband with the ribbon and leave no space. Try to put dots of glue along the way to secure the ribbon to the headband.

Once you cover all of the headband, you can cut two pieces of a bigger type of ribbon and glue it around the ears corners of the headband.

Similar to this.

Now place the flowers in the order you want them and start to glue them to the headband. Use as many flowers as you want. 
*The more attached to each other, the bolder they will look.*

Once you finish, you are ready to wear them.

*Stay tuned, NEW outfit post using this #DIY coming soon!*

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