Summer Beauty: Must Have

Skin care is the most important duty on a women daily life, But sometimes is difficult to make the time when you are on the road or working till late night (like me). Here are some of my favorite items and must have on the beauty bag for when you are traveling, or when you need to fresh up your look and face at the last moment. Simple and affordable items that can be found on any drugstore or pharmacy. Remember to  always clean your face (removing dirt and impurities) and moisturize ( hydrate) Once you do this you are set and ready to go. This are the basic items that I keep in my beauty bag and work for me every time. 

1- Make up remover: A very important item, you will want to remove all the make up and dirt off your face after a long day. it doesn't matter if you have it as towelettes or a liquid make up remover, the important thing is that they are working for you and your skin.

2- Facial gel cleanser: I use the Olive spa experience. Is refreshing, remove the dirt left behind and gives the necessary vitamins and PH to my skin for a balance tone.

3- Nose Strips: The T-zone as well as the nose are places where the dirt accumulate the most. The nose strips are great for removing black heads and opening the pores for deep cleaning.

4- Peel-off mask: I use any cucumber deep cleansing peel-off mask. It help remove the impurities as well moisturize the face for that fresh look. The concept is great and easy by applying, waiting and peeling off the dirt off your face.

5- Eye treatment: I'm loving the Aveeno Active Naturals, is basically an anti- fatigue eye treatment for under your eyes. Great for eye bags and dark circles. 

6- Oil eraser sheets: I have found this product quite useful. Before applying make up, remove the oily areas on your face specially your T-Zone with this sheets.

7-  Moisturizer: Like the body needs water to be hydrate, our face needs to be moisturize with the correct product. One of my favorite product is the Clean & Clear Morning Glow moisturizer. Is a oil- free product with SPF 15. Is a light cream that instantly brightens your skin. I apply this every morning and some time before bed, depending on my skin. 

8- Lip balm: Nothing is finish with out your lips, they also need to be moisturize. I really like the Yes to Carrots "C Me Smile Lip Butter" that contains extracts from organic fruits and vegetables. Is ultra moisturizing, nourishing and conditioning. With vitamin E witch provides antioxidants protection against environmental exposure.

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