DIY SweetHeart Sweater Video

We have seen the heart sweater lately in so many celebrities and stores. The reality is that they are a little pricey for just a sweater. Why pay $29.94 at Old Navy? or $107.50 at J.crew? or $345 for a Banjo & Matilda's sweater? This DIY is simple, easy, and budget saver. This tutorial will allow you to recreate and customize your sweater. I only spend on materials $7 (including the sweater). I hope you enjoy!

First, you will need your materials:
  1. Your sweater
  2. Acrylic felt 
  3. Scissors
  4. Sewing needles (Use thick needles to easily pass through the fabric)
  5. Simple yarn 

The sweater I chose for this tutorial I bought it at Forever 21 for $3.99 at the sales racks. You can also use any sweater from your closet that may need a look update.
  1. Start by cutting the felt into a heart shape. 
  2. Then prepare your needles and sew around the edge of the heart.
  3. Once your finish tie a not on the back 
  4. And your set.
Tip: You can also add buttons and studs around the heart for extra glam.

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